This post is aimed at folks viewing posts on this community and that would like to participate

Having communities spread across different instances of Lemmy makes it pretty unintuitive (IMO) to participate in DDA discussions from outside this instance. And since signups are disabled for this instance, you’ll have to sign up with another instance (check out So with that, I figured I’d write this out for folks who are lost in the fediverse :P

  1. Choose an instance and create an account. Some instances require answering an application question, while others just require solving a captcha. Choose an instance that appeals to you and create your account. I’d say the most popular instance would be, for example.

  2. Log in to your instance and search for the DDA community. Once you’re logged into your instance, you can copy this url and paste it into the generic search field of your instance. Press search and wait a bit. Even if it shows “No results”, it’ll turn up the community eventually, which you can click on and subscribe.

  3. View and post stuff in DDA discussions. Once you’re subscribed, you can view your subscribed communities in the “communities” tab in your instance. Just click on DDA discussions and participate to your heart’s content :)

  • Xerenogan
    3 months ago

    Something to add that I just figured out.

    If you are subscribing to communities/magazines from other instances and only one or two posts are showing up when you view the community from you subscriptions, you may have to select more languages. I was under the impression that in your profile settings, you select your preferred language, but you can actually select more than one.

    Control click on the languages you want, and make sure your language AND undetermined are both highlighted. Till I did this, this community only showed the implosion post and nothing else.

    Hope this is helpful. Cheers.

    • @Erk
      43 months ago

      Also if a Lemmy instance isn’t updated to the most recent version (beehaw and their posts aren’t updating reliably, it’s a known bug